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Greyfirst - free public availability
World's first pre-production software

Celtx, the world's first fully integrated solution for media pre-production, announced the free public availability of version 1.0 of their software. The latest version delivers new and improved functionality to media creators around the world combining all pre-production activities and tools in one software suite - including writing, story development, production breakdown, scheduling and reporting.

Celtx is an innovative, free, integrated pre-production tool used to create, organize & publish film, video, audio, theater, comic books and other media. It also contains an Internet friendly tool that enables collaboration online for script writing, story development and scheduling during the pre-production process helping media creators manage the process despite their location.

It's unique hybrid architecture combines the strengths inherent in a desktop application - control, stability, power and flexibility, with the strengths inherent with the web - collaboration, community, publishing, and online back-up. This unique offering combined with availability in 20 languages has made Celtx the world's most widely used pre-production software with over 250,000 active users in 160 countries and 1 million downloads since its launch in 2004.

"Version 1.0 is all about arriving at our goal of making Celtx the world’s first full-featured, fully integrated media pre-production software" said Mark Kennedy, CEO of Greyfirst, parent company of Celtx. “We’re proud that Celtx is the first software to have everything writers and production teams need to take them all the way from concept to production."

Intended to replace the traditional ‘paper, pen & binder’ approach to pre-production with a fully digital approach that’s more complete, simpler to work with, and easier to share, Celtx has caught on quickly with independent filmmakers, studio professionals, students and media creators the world over.

"As I began my latest project, a friend of mine introduced me to Celtx. Not only has it helped me corral and organize my ideas, but it has also given me the tools to then integrate these thoughts directly into a working script," said independent filmmaker and Celtx user Max Makowski. “The quality of their software is truly a testament to the Celtx team’s passion and commitment to providing the film community with an exceptional innovative pre-production tool."

Celtx 1.0 new features include:
  • Adapt To - a single click now converts a fully formatted script of one type into a fully formatted script of another – for example a Stageplay to a Screenplay – displaying instantly the multi-media potential of your work.
  • Comic Book - a new editor to write properly formatted Comic Books, and a common framework for collaboration between writer and artist.
  • iPhone - now view your Celtx projects from just about anywhere with a display optimized for your iPhone.
  • Catalogs - a new organization and searchable dashboard view of all your story’s elements and production items.
  • Sidebar - annotate and break down each scene with notes, media (images, audio, and video clips), and production items through an easy to manage, thoroughly upgraded new sidebar.
  • Project Scheduling – has been vastly upgraded to fully integrate with the script breakdown and provide a Call Sheet and a host of new shooting reports.
  • Storyboarding - you can now choose from a variety of ways to view and manage your images, create a storyboard outline based on your script, and add shot descriptions to each image.

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 News - 25.04.2014
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